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Qvevri Wine
About Us
In vino veritas

“In vino veritas” truth is in wine... Georgian spirit of genuine is in wine ... cradle of wine and Grape is Georgia. In plentiful and abundant country vine transparent and from it received true inspiration in every corner of the large and small cellar or even just pick one pitcher of sharing. Open (silently) the door ... to discover history, heritage, and modern experience that again compel you to visit the family house, a wine cellar! So! Open (silently) door of the “Shio Wine Cellar “ancestral cellar!

" Shio Cellar " Ltd. is based on the base of historic winery Eniseli – Bagrationi. The Eniseli Winery is created in 19th century second half on the base of cellar of wine-maker and public figure Zakaria Jorjadze. The winery began to work very soon, in 1888, wine of " Zakaria Jorjadze and Company" be rewarded with a gold medal at the international exhibition in Brussels. Primary processing winery produced wine and cognac alcohol from it. Zakaria Jorjadze and Gegena Sioshvili together chose difficult way wine making. Then the roads of Zakaria Jorjadze and Gegena Shioshvili dispersed. Gegena Shioshvili created his own company “Shio’s Cellar”, although later they were doing joint projects.

Since 2003 began a new chapter in the history of the winery. Descendants of Zakaria Jorjadze have undertaken to regenerate Bagrationi family winery; it’s transferred to Western standards and modern technologies inspection appliances. In 2006-2007, descendants of Jorjadze was restored famous ancestor cellar for the ages of 2 centuries. 
In the cellar were placed 120 unique pitchers, with a total capacity exceeding 400 tons.

As for the wines, which are produced by the winery, they taste wonderful features. They have a long time history: Archaeological, historical - ethnographic, linguistic and other sources confirmed that one of our country is a major hub of the cultural vines creation. During the excavations are found in different species of vine grape seeds they are dated 
6-5 thousand years BC.

For Georgian people wine is always a living organism. The wine is a human-like characteristic: Birth, youth, cheerful, wisdom, fall and death. None of the other products in late stages of development does not go through. These are people just like wine characterized. Like all living things, including wine needs its own house in the residential area. That is precisely such a place as a family cellar. Place were wine is stored or buried and provisioned truth.

In Georgia there are 450 vine local species, some of which are included in the standard range of 62 species, including 29 species and 9 shrois table-linen. The outstanding quality Georgian wine grape varieties: Rkatsiteli, Saperavi, Mtsvane, Khikhvi, Kisi, Chinuri, Tsolikauri, Tsitska, Krakhuna, Aleksandrouli, Ojaleshi, Chkhaveri, Aladasturi and more.

Over the centuries, Georgian people have created vine and wine consumption culture and tradition, has developed a dry, naturally sweet and semi- sweet, dessert and sparkling, and local Technological Kakhetian and Imerian wine-making techniques.

Kakheti where is located winery is an ancient and unique viticulture - wine-making region in Georgia. The vineyards area of 65-70 % are concentrated in the Kakheti region. Here are more than 25 micro- zones, where such famous wines are produced under the original, such as: Tsinandali, Napareuli, Teliani, Akhasheni, Mukuzani, Kinzmarauli, Gurdjaani, Kardenakhuli, Tibaani, Manavi Mtsvane, Khashmi Saperavi and more.

The major direction of Kakheti winegrowing is a high quality and qualitative table-linen white and red, dry, naturally sweet and production of dessert wines.

European style table-linen white, high-quality wines are produced in Napareuli, Gurjaani, Manavi and other micro-zones, local white grapes vine: Rkatsiteli, Mtsvane Kakhetian, Kokhvi, Kisi and from other grape variety. 

Table-linen red dry, high quality, pleasant taste Georgian wines are made from indigenous red grape variety Saperavi, Kindzmarauli, Teliani, Akhasheni, Mukuzani, Khashmi and Kakheti and other Kakheti micro-zones .

Naturally sweet red wines produced in the Kakheti region. The local microclimate and rich soil are helped to the Georgian grape varieties - grape sugar content and acid accumulation ability of high index. These wines are characterized by harmonious, soft, velvety and cheerful tones, which lead to high flavoring qualities.

Kakheti over the centuries have created and formed native type of table-linen wines, which is quite different from the types of wines in general. It is the only original dry wine in the world. This wine is made by high extraction, pleasant bouquet, varietal aroma and taste and what sort of wine is rich in human health active biologically useful substances. So as the beginning of the appeal - Open (silently) the cellar door to the Family !