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Qvevri Wine
About Us
Continuing tradition

Our company has set a goal to popularize qvevri wine and to affirm the glass-roots the idea that qvevri wine with its bouquet, useful properties (rich in tannin, which destroys cholesterol in the body), and that does not require chemical processing, is much better than other wine.

Our company owns winery in Sagarejo and vineyards in the East Georgia, located in Alazany valley.

First of all, we have studied the climate and the soil structure, and by using own grape nursery we built healthy and phytosanitary clean vineyards, which is a solid foundation for the production of top quality wine.

We believed that the main condition for the production of high-quality wine was a production of phytosanitary clean and without viruses (Vitis Vinifera) grafts, Georgian and foreign species, and vineyard cultivation using these nursery plants. In 2004, with the participation of the French company “Viticole Burge” known worldwide as a manufacturer of grape nursery plants, grape nursery was opened.

After checking the soil and climatic conditions, we have chosen the place for the vineyard cultivation. Currently, the company owns more than 100 hectares of vineyards, which is the most important prerequisite for the production of the high quality wine.

The vineyards are grown in full compliance with modern standards.

Through a harmonious combination of ancient traditions and modern winemaking technology, we produce high quality qvevri wines for those who know the true value of wine.

Guests who visit our cellar have a unique opportunity to taste qvevri wines throughout the year. At the moment, there are 100 operating qvevries in the cellar. The capacity of most qvevri is 1.5-3.5 tons. Our wine is made from ripened in micro- zones grape varieties Rkatsiteli, Kakhuri Mtsvane, Saperavi and Cabernet. This wine is characterized by moderate tannins and harmonicity and it is biologically pure.

The process of fermentation takes place in qvevri with pulp (chacha). After completion of the fermentation, liquid is not separated from pulp. Wine with pulp is left for 5-6 months. In this period a natural filtration of wine takes place. Wine withdrawn from qvevri opened in March, differs by crystal clarity and aroma. Peculiarity of Wine is that the wine obtained after natural filtration is not processed chemically.

As well as the factory is equipped with modern technological equipment, which allows to control the production process of wines and brandies from the initial (own vineyards) to the end of the process (processing and bottling of wines in glass bottles and greybeards using cold processing methods).

The factory launched production of brandy as the initial (reception grape varieties suitable for distillation in cognac spirit) to the end of the process (aging, alcohol blend and brandies producing, bottling and delivery to the final consumer).

The factory is equipped with its own laboratory, which allows determining all the main indicators of production at all stages of production. Laboratory equipment and measurement accuracy correspond to the requirements of the standard.

Our wine is our pride!